Community bounties

With Algora you can create, solve and reward bounties in any public repository on Github.

👉 Create a bounty (no card required)

Create a community bounty

Once created, your bounty will appear in Algora's dashboard and our bot will reply in the issue with instructions. Once PR(s) are submitted, you will be able to reward the solver on Algora with a few clicks.

Community bounties

Algora charges bounty creators a 30% fee on top of the bounty reward and gives half of that to the maintainers of the project. Maintainers can use their balance to make direct payouts to org members or create new bounties.


When @drewrbaker_ rewards $1,000 (2 bounties) for @Nuxt

  • @drewrbaker_ pays $1,300 (130%)
  • Solvers receive $1,000 (100%)
  • Maintainers receive $150 (15%)
  • Algora receives $110 (11%)
  • Stripe receives $40 (4%)