This page will give you an overview of bounty payments usign Algora

Stripe integration

Algora partners with Stripe to help you pay collaborators around the world fast & securely. Payment methods include debit/credit card, ACH & SEPA Direct Debit. Contributors receive payouts typically 1-3 business days after a payment is completed.

Country support

Through Stripe Connect, Algora offers the most comprehensive country coverage available.

In some countries, such as India & UAE, receiving international payments is limited to sole proprietors, limited liability partnerships and companies (e.g. not available to individuals).

Stripe Connect supported countries


Using Stripe, Algora ensures that all international laws & regulations are followed when you pay your collaborators. That means that you are legally covered every time you make a payment.

If a contributor does not have all the necessary credentials and authorizations required to receive international payments in their country, Stripe will not process payments to them and Algora will notify those individuals accordingly during their onboarding.


Algora charges a 27% fee over your rewarded bounties (23% Algora fee + 4% Stripe fee). The fee is applied when you complete your bounty payments. Contributors always get 100% of the bounty.

We offer discounts to organizations who commit to a bounties budget and prepay their fees.

We also offer discounts to non-commercial projects. If you maintain such a project, please email us for a discount at

Auto-pay on merge

Checkout-free payments

After your first bounty payout, you can enable auto-pay on merge from your org settings.

Currently used by, Remotion, Tigris Data, ZIO, & more