This page will give you an overview of the steps you need to complete before you can create bounties.

Join your organization on Algora

If your teammates have already set up an organization on Algora, you can simply join them by registering with an email address on the same org domain.

Otherwise, you can easily create a new organization by simply providing a handle. If you want your teammates to automatically join your org upon signing up, you can also provide an email domain at this step.

Creating an organization on Algora

Next up is to connect your Github account by clicking "Link your Github account" on your dashboard or your org page.

We require this step only to

  • verify your Github identity
  • display public information about you
  • let you manage your Algora installations

We do not request any account-level permissions and do not perform any write actions on behalf of your user account.

If you're worried about the "act on your behalf" message in the Github authentication flow, please refer to the threads below (and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any lingering doubt).

Below is a comprehensive list of permissions we request.

Github app permissions

Install the Algora app

Lastly, install our Algora app on the repo(s) you'd like to create bounties in, which enables the Algora bot to take relevant actions based on the commands you author in your repo(s).

This step needs to be done only once per organization, and more specifically it needs to be done by a team member who has admin access to the repo(s) you'd like to install the app in.

To determine whether this step has already been completed, navigate to your org page and check for a prompt that says "Install the Algora app." If you don't see the prompt, you're all set and ready to create bounties!

Otherwise, click the prompt and then click "Create new installation", which will take you to a Github page. Select the repo(s) you'd like to create bounties in and confirm your selection. Once you're back on the installations page, link your installation with your Algora organization.

Installing the Github app