About us

Algora founders

Zafer Cesur, Co-founder & CTO

👋 I'm Zaf & I'm originally from Istanbul, Turkey. 🇹🇷

While starting CS & Math at Williams College, I applied to a hedge fund quant internship without really knowing how to code. The manager gave me a coding challenge which, if completed successfuly, would grant me the internship. So I taught myself what was needed in two weeks and submitted my code, and my solution actually rewarded me the internship! This was a sensational experience that stuck with me. I then met Ioannis in Probability Theory class and three months later I decided to take time-off to start Algora with him and I haven't returned to college since then. I've been building Algora on Algora since day one and I also solved the first-ever crowdsourcing project on Algora. We use Algora daily to build our product and grow our team.

Interests: Functional Programming, Category Theory, UI/UX, Calisthenics, Chess, HackerNews, Guitar, Galatasaray & Manchester United

Ioannis R. Florokapis, Co-founder & CEO

👋 I'm Ioannis & I'm originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. 🇬🇷

I was lucky to meet my co-founder while studying Economics & Statistics at Williams College. Everything I know about software engineering comes from watching Zaf code and asking him questions.

Interests: R&D Crowdsourcing, Open Science, Crowdfunding, DAOs, Public Benefit, Design, Philosophy, Self-driving electric boats, PAOK

Why we're building Algora