Sharing a bounty

Bounties are paid coding tasks. You can use bounties for flex-work, screening engineering candidates, contract-to-hire & crowdsourcing.

Share a bounty on Algora

To create a new bounty, navigate to an open issue within your repository and click the "Put a Bounty" button next to the issue title.

Input a bounty reward, add your tech stack and choose who to share your bounty with.

You can share your bounty privately via email or publicly with all Algora users or a specific community members.

If your repository is private, people you share your bounty with can only see the issue but not your repository directory (your code).

To give directory access, add users as 'collaborators' in your repo from settings

Share a bounty via GitHub

Click Post Bounty via GitHub, authenticate on GitHub, choose your GitHub account (personal / org), choose a repository & select access rights, choose an issue & share a bounty.

Accept solvers

Navigate to your organization's page (ex, go to the solver requests tab, review solvers and give access to your repositories.

Invite solvers

Navigate to your organization's page (ex, go to the recommendations tab, review recommended solvers and invite them to solve your bounty.

Getting started