About us

😵 The Problem: Early-stage founders always have more work than people, tight budgets and no time. Hiring full-time engineers is often not an option, yet most founders would welcome contributions from new collaborators. Meanwhile, most developers welcome flexible work. However, today, all of this is hard.

👍 Our Solution: We built a Git GUI where you can pay developers and start collaborating with new ones, in just a few clicks.

💎 On Algora you can share, reward and earn bounties right inside your code repositories. Algora recommends developers/bounties that match your tech stack and makes it simple to start working together.

💯 We use Algora ourselves! To date we have awarded 65 bounties.

🙏 We are excited to welcome you on Algora, answer your questions and further improve our product and documentation with your feedback!

Thank you :)

Ioannis & Zaf

Flexing with bounties