This page will give you an overview of reporting

Bounty activity

Your organization’s public page displays a record of all rewarded bounties.

For example, here you can see the completed bounties of &

Year-end filing

Stripe helps us provide you with a comprehensive record of all your payments to simplify bookkeeping & financial reporting.

You can export reports directly from your Stripe dashboard or email us for a custom report.

Work classification

Bounties are classified as non-employee compensation (contract work / freelancing).

For organizations and bounty solvers based in the United States, Algora Public Benefit Corporation submits 1099 forms to the IRS and the corresponding states


If your US-based organization has awarded bounties to US-based developers, you are all set! Algora takes care of submitting 1099s, no further action is required on your end.

If you are a US-based developer and have received bounty payouts, Algora makes an information disclosure to the IRS and your state about your earnings. All you have to do is report your earnings when filing your federal & state taxes. By the end of January every year you will be receiving a 1099-NEC Form from Algora summing up your earnings from last year. This is to help you report the exact amount you earned when filing your taxes.


If your organization requires contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA), you can utilize the Algora Documents feature in your workspace to upload your forms and receive signed copies from your contributors.