Bounty workflow

This page will give you an overview of the bounty workflow on Github

Create a bounty

To create a bounty on Github, navigate to an issue and add a new comment with the command /bounty $<AMOUNT>.

As an example, to create a $1,000.00 bounty, type the command /bounty $1000.

After you use the command, the Algora bot will reply with a confirmation along with the instructions to claim the bounty, and add a bounty label.

Bounty command

Claim a bounty

To claim a bounty on Github, navigate to your pull request that solves the bountied issue and add /claim <ISSUE_NUMBER> somewhere in the body of the PR.

If you're an org member, you can also do this step yourself on behalf of your contributor.

After using the command, the Algora bot will mention the solution in the issue thread and provide links for the next steps.

Claim command

Pay out a claim

To reward a solution, navigate to your org page on Algora and locate the claim you'd like to pay out. Expand the claim to see the action buttons, and then click "Reward" to navigate to a Stripe page where you can enter your details and complete the payment.

Claim command